Lobby chat

I think a raid lobby chat function would be extremely useful. It would let you coordinate your battle plan in the lobby. There is currently no communication function other than the alliance chat, which you have to leave the raid lobby in order to access.


I do feel like that they should put chatting in raids so no one is confused


Waiting and not knowing when someone would come… sad

At least put emotes there so we can know people are doing something

Just realized you meant during the raid. That would be :ok_hand:


They can’t even get the alliance chat to work properly, so don’t hold your breath.

this happened to me many time where I’m the owner of the raid lobby and my game crashes before the last person joins. By the time I can rejoin everyone has already left. If there were raid chat my friend who was also in the lobby could have told them to wait since my game crashed, but no, can’t do that.

Raid chat will also help with strats, lets say 3/4 people in the lobby know the strat but the 4th person doesn’t but has the correct creature. The other players can tell the 4th player what creature to use and guide them through the raid. Raid chat should have been added the same update as raids, really don’t know why it wasn’t.