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Local 2 is destroyed now

Thx ludia that you make this Game more and more unplayable since 1.5…all those Migration promises Are Not true…These Daily spawns 90% also trash…i had so fun hunting Till 1.4…
It’s Time to say goodbye…

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I wouldnt say destroyed raja is useful so still better then 1.6 l4. Most likely the worse zone right now but still better then what L4 just went through.

I’ll take that Raja, Pyro, Erlik-2 and both Dracos please!

Brachi too! :sauropod:
(I got a weird feeling it’s gonna be worth something one day)

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can u help me ? i read the metahub spawn thing, the schedule thing… so it says its not based on location but day ? soo where does it spawn ? like lets say darwin. will it spawn on my neighbourhood ? or idk

Ourano was a lot better


The daily spawns overfloats the map so Dracorex g2 is a lot more rare… and Dracorex i don’t need it

I agree im not exactly thrilled ourano moved to an l4… as i dont frequent l4 much myself as my closest one is kinda far and out of the way and Im close to creating dilo… but even where it is now l2 is better then l4 in 1.6

Ohh okay! Now I understand what you mean!

It will naturally dilute the spawns in our home locals, but it’ll also add more variety to the mix too! (You’ll still have the highest odds of seeing your own native dinos though. From the looks of it, the spawn rate/turnover has hastened)

(I’d still like all of those dinos I mentioned above :pray:t4::sweat_smile:)

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This is so true i looked at my map a little bit ago and i had a huge smile on my face… not a single majunga to be found.

As a zone 2 resident it looks fine 2 me.

Priority for me this update is getting Utarinex and DC to 30. So both Dracorex are still needed.

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Local 2 here but still can’t log in :expressionless: if local 2 got raja instead of ourano well me personally can live with that (have 4k ourano). Would love to work on dioraja and need the raja dna to do so.

Do we have a local zone update thread or something to keep up with the changes? Just woke up :no_mouth:

Metahub have done 1.7 spawn mechanics. Includes daily table and local zone. Also I can’t see any changes to Arena rewards but just going on my memory.


Ourano to l4 yeeee! Finally something good


I used to only let off epic scents in the close-ish L2 because I need ourano; I’ve really hated living in L4 and this is a vast improvement. I’ll take it.

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I guess the daily spawns are very important now. I am mostly seeing today’s common the Ophiacodon. So every zone has 21 new spawns.

Also suprised Wednesday is local day of week I suppose its simpler. I was expecting the event day.

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