Local 2 took a beat down. That is not balancing

So Local 2 was good for basically a few things in the end game.
Pyroraptor. (Epic) Leads to Magnapyritor (Got nerfed) Limited by irritator needs.
Draco Rex Gen 2 (Common) (Got nerfed) that leads to Dracoceratops that also got nerfed.
Dracorex (rare) leads to Utahrinex which is still descent.
Erlikosaurus Gen 2 which leads to Erlikospyx (but limited by Baryonyx gen 2)

Local 2 customer “Sweet Brachiosaurus got a potential tyrant level hybrid tank with immunity that is a component for Ardentismaxima. Brachiosaurus just started showing up in our zone for us to hit lately, this might be good”
Ludia. “Yeah we are going to need you to hold this”.
Local 2 Customer reaches out to hold something and looks down.
Local 2 Customer “Well I guess that’s nice, but Erlidominus just got a huge nerf to his cloak with no extra hit points to compensate”
Ludia… “Yeah about that gift of Erlikosaurus, where we “balanced” Erlidomoninus for you” We are going to need that Brachiosaurus, to give to our favorites in Local 1, while we give them Sinoceratops back along with Giraffatitan, Tuojiangosaurus"
Local 2 Customer. “NO!!! We just got Brachiosaurus and we never complained about Erlidominus”
Ludia. Oh and that new legendary that uses Wuerhosaurus that showed up in your zone recently all the time.
Local 2 Customer… “Yeah he helps make Carnotarkus that looks great. I think he might go high apex at least. Wait a sec, why are we”… looks down." is this more beer?"
Ludia. “Yeah We are going to move Wuerhosaurus to Daytime only so you can’t get to him when you are at work.”
Local 2 Customer. “We just got him to.”
Ludia “Are you complaining?” Because it sounds like you are complaining" “You know we gave you Erlikosaurus Gen 2 which makes Erlikospyx and clearly you guys did not appreciate the precise rampage he has, which is why we had to “Balance” Erlidominus”. We can take that from you to, you know. Because you guys didn’t use Erlikospyx we had to nerf, I mean balance, cloaking and dodging.
Local 2 Customer, “But it requires Baryonyx Gen 2 which is limited, and have you ever tried to shoot a Spinosaurus gen 2 epic before? Oh and I didn’t have enough boost to it on the team once Erlikospyx was created”
Ludia "Wait a sec. It has only one limited dinosaur just like Magnapyritor. Does it have too many hit points, perhaps we should see about balancing… Local 2 Customer interrupts… "OH MY GOD look over there,( pointing frantically) is that some awesome fan art of a dinosaur with Zebra stripes.
Ludia “Wow, that sounds awesome… Where?”
Local 2 Customer… runs away “poof”


Where’s the official new migration list?

2 is still good. Local 3 got way worse

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XDDD u’re crying about local 2, look at 3 XDDD

Local 3 was rather good the last time I checked back in May. But yeah. I see you lost Tuojiangosaurus and Sinoceratops to Local 1. . Ranking the new Zones analysis. 1>3>4>2

As a local 1 player I would like to not apologize… we have majundasuchus and majungasaurus.

You must be joking… xD Area II gained Erliko so you have 2 very important epics: Erliko and Pyro. I don’t want Brachi in area I so would love to swap it with you. It’s so frustrating how they are unable to balance this game.

I live in L4 so I’m glad I get Kentro as an anytime spawn.

Thanks @RoadToHell0

So I’m zone 4 and it seems good to me. Wish we’d loose Suchomimus though. Ugh so tired of shooting it. But Kentrosaurus is a win and I bet that rare bird scap will have a nice hybrid sometime.

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Half of these nerfs your complaining about dont even matter… magna still good… erlidom still good cloaking for a 7k-11k crit requires some actual strategy rather then hope and a prayer…

And the dracocera nerf is laughable… gotta do some more math against tryko… so you can swap in and kill it before instant invincibility even goes off.

I’m new to the forum, how do u kno what zone ur in? Ty in advance

There isn’t an area 1 located near me. Not within a 40 minute radius :frowning: and I mean driving 40 minutes.

You know based on the dinos you see on the map around you. This is from 1.7 but you get the idea https://metahub.info/featured/7544/jurassic-world-alive-spawn-mechanics-post-1-7-update-where-to-find-specific-dinosaurs/