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Local 3 Epic Spawns


Ok, so I live in local 3 but I see more Spino Gen 2 then Erlikosaurus and Monolophosaurus combined. Am I just unlucky or are these spawn rates supposed to be uneven?


I am not sure if it has anything to do with what part of local are we leave eg:- One Erlika Epic only spawns in/around one section while Spino Gen 2 mostly spawns at the other end.

I am also from local 3 and also mostly see Spino Gen2 Epic and sometimes other global epic spawns. It might have been months since I saw an Erlika while I encounter 1 Monolopho maybe once a week.


Well, I have come to the conclusion that I must be zone 4 because I see many whuerosaurs, deltas, Giraftitan and Parasoulophus … but this morning I got the first gorgosuchus I have seen in 2 months. Instead, I found in these same months about 5 or 6 Ouranosauros that are zone 2. Anyway, the problem is that I do not usually see more than 1 epic a day (and not every day) dedicating several hours a day.


Wasn’t like that a couple of weeks ago. Back then, Mono spawned a lot more frequently.


Im pretty sure there intended to be that way living in a zone one i see more t-rex spawns… and since the update baryonix spawns. kentros tend to be the rarest… i see a sino about once a week… concavenator is a little more common but i still see more globals then it.


Well that sucks… Wish the useful local epics would spawn more.


Yeah. I might have seen a couple of Monolopho epics a couple of weeks back. Otherwise, the average is less than 1/week. My Mono source is mainly from the park events, strike towers.

Post recent updates, I do see a decent amount of Baronyx at night.


I’m L3 and I see mostly erliko… when I’m on a bus, nowhere near it :upside_down_face:


All zones are not created equal. I finally found a good local to farm dilos in. Try finding anither local location and see if your luck is different.


I have not seen an Erliko for many months. In fact of all existing EPIC is the dino with less level. I have EPICS level 21 (hybrids) and level 19 (non-hybrids) while my Erliko is still level 11.