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Local area 4 is garbage


I think devs totally killed Area 4.
Comparing to other areas there is not even a single useful epic which can be evolved into fast legend/unique.
Area 1 - Concavenator (no hybrid)
Area 2 - Secodontosaurus (no hybrid)
Area 3 - Brachiosaurus (no hybrid)
Area 4 - Grypho/Koola/Raja/Gorgo (all possible hybrids are weak and slow garbage)
There was at least Ankylo but now replace for crappy Grypho. Area wasted. Think most of the VIP members gonna cancel membership in a case living/working in that area. They should rotate areas each month or fix area 4 asap!

Seriously how is L4 fair?

I feel lucky that I live on the border of local 4, so I have access to another local. Otherwise I might just uninstalled the game for good.

Many epics and even rares are better than the unique hybrid dinos in local 4. I’ve benched dio a long time ago and now even if I see Rajas outside, I have no incentive of going out.

Koola hybrid is a mystery, no one is going to make it until at least next patch. And even then, it might just be another piece of crap.


Yep. Live/work in L4. Canceled my membership and will probably stop playing once my remaining time expires.


According to metahub its a worse tank then nodopatotitan… so there isnt much debate on the it might be piece of crap part… its a piece of crap…


I spend most of my time in zone 4 and it would not be so drastic. It is true that when leaving the Anky area, the area has lost a lot but, let’s be honest, how many Ankys did you see before? I get one every two weeks with luck. On the other hand, the common dino of the zone allows to make the best hybrid of the 4 (suchotator is better than diplotator, majundasuchus and eynosuchus) and the other two common ones (monolophosaurus gene 2 and parasaulo) are two ingredients quite sought after.

In summary, I agree that the area has lost much of its potential but I do not think it has become the worst area.


You still have Gorgo though.
Anyway, welcome in L3 reality since start till 1.6 patch. And also we only got Dimetrodon now. Monolopho appears from time to time (usually in vawes then) and Erliko is missing for months.


Ok lets talk about dinos being used within the top 100 players when @Hersh wrote the hacking the leaderboard article on metahub.

As far as dino currently spawning in l4… we have
Spinotah=57 and is basically the best l4 spawn… yes a rare is pretty much your best spawn.

Next up we see dio and trago both at 26 and 24 respectively because were in an antitank meta both are only used by a quarter of the people in the top 100.

Then we had 4 people using both toura and suchotator. And one person used monolemetrodon

If you take out tryko…more people used the sino hybrids then all of the other l4 hybrids combined.

L4 is currently the worse zone and its not even close… l2 has ourano and pyro… l3 has mono and erlik… l1 has sino and kentro… l4 has spino g1…


We need a migration i live in a L4 im so sick of suchumimus spam already have my rajakylo at lvl20 and now im stuck with only gryphosuchus wich i need at level. 20 for a bad unique
At night i have titan and again a bad legend
Keep the grypho and change al others ludia

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Dio doesn’t even count for me as a partial plus for L4 now. Since the most important ingredient is park locked it matters little to many (or at least me) that Raja is available there. Besides that Anky will still be needed for Tryko. I wouldn’t even list it as a plus for the area.


Yeah i thought about that as well as listing toura since it requires an l3 rare as well. Add in that koola hybrid is also bad and tournament reward locked and you have l4 whos new slogan should be…

L4 why use an epic scent when you can get the best spawns with a rare scent.


Who is grypho?
If you are talking about grypo, then you are wrong about everything you said.
Grypo has a hybrid, but you said he doesn’t, so look at your info a second time.


I’ve seen 2 gryposuchas since the update hit and since I live and work in L4.
I decided to try and make the best of it and level up the other component…

Probably will never see another gryposuchas now. (saw another one earlier today)

I did like seeing ankylosaur once ina blue moon in L4 pre 1.6. I saw raja much more though…

Someone suggested local specific scents… I would buy local scents. (heck ludia could data mine that and see which local is bought the most and least to help “balance” spawns)

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Why is it in L4 I see Raja soooooo many times more than any other epic in L4

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In the long run the epics actually matters a lot. I started to play in 1.3 and my anky can sustain my dioraja up to lv 27, which means if I went for the trkyo route it’s a tryko lv 27, and it’s even with I choose half anky half sino in armor week.

In the short run it doesn’t matter, but if you’ve played it for over half a year you will see about 20-30 ankies, and that’s even because I don’t drive to hunt.

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Much worse. At least nodopatitian can tank a lot, and with decel impact being 1 cooldown, it’s not that bad. Problem with nodopatitan is it’s not easy to level and many fast dinos can run away. If they cannot, nodopatitan actually wins them.

Actually I’m considering trying to use nodopatitan if I can level her up. This Dino can prevent revenge kills from green chicken because even it has 1 hp, it can still use bellow and green chicken will be slower than the next Dino you sent in.


That’s just your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but Area 4 hybrids can be really good ‘in the right hands and situations’.

I for one really really need epic Gryposuchus because I’d really like to utilise Grypolyth in my team. I wish it spawned in Area 1 or 2 so I could get more of it, as it is I have to get my feet muddy in fields to get to the nearest Area 4 where I am. lol


My Gorgo won lots of matches that I would lost otherwise. You just need to know how to use it.


Grass is always greener…
I live in L1 and work in L3.

I’ve seen maybe 4 sinos outside of events. The amount of rares and epics is ridiculously low.

Frankly, I get all my good DNA from strike towers and events.

Spawns are poor everywhere from what I’ve experienced.

If it weren’t for strike towers, incubators (which mostly suck) and events I’d have stopped playing months ago.

If you think Gorgo is poor, what level player are you, and where are you in arena/level of team?

Gorgo is a terror in the right hands and level.

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Yup. I’m L4. Not only did Ludia not listen and improve fairness they made it worse!! I really really really hope they do a migration. They’ve done it in the past outside of a new update. Otherwise I may not play much longer.

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3rd gryposuchas this week. Even if the hybrid isn’t amazing I’m excited to be working on being able to make it.