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Local area spawns and supply drops have been replaced with park supply drops and spawns

A few days ago all orange supply drops in my rural neighborhood (which is nowhere near a park or “green area”) suddenly turned green and there’s not a single orange one in sight. In addition, all local area 3 spawns have been replaced by parks spawns (lythronax, sarcosuchus, etc.) I neither want nor need. Even “real” parks have some orange supply drops, chests, towers, etc. but we suddenly have nothing but green supply drops… however, the map has not changed to the darker green found in parks.

This is very frustrating because green supply drops give far fewer items than orange ones do. Whatever glitch caused this, please restore the map to the way it used to be!

I contacted Support about this two days ago (and included my support key) but have not received any response; therefore I’m reporting it here.

Thanks for any reply!

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Same here. Although Monday and Tuesday at least I had 2 orange. Today none. I too contacted support and haven’t heard anything. I also don’t have any of the treasure chests that would be helpful.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re still waiting for a reply from our team @DeLana and @Robyn_Van_Sanford.

If you haven’t already, could you send those screenshots and your support key to our team at this email here

If you could include the date and time of when those screenshots were taken as well, it’d be really helpful.



Thanks, Ned, for the quick reply.

I just heard back from Support and have provided additional information they requested.


Thanks I will! I should also mention that I drove about 3 miles and there were strikes and a regular mix of drops. So this is weird!

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:thinking: Hopefully, our team can figure out what the issue could be.

Just emailed. If they could please send me some treasure chests that would off set it! I have none of those either!

How long did it take to get a reply@DeLana? I contacted in game on Monday. I’m hoping I’ll get to participate in the chest event a little and am hoping to get some orange by tonight. It snows again this afternoon so driving isn’t a good idea.

Support for back to me earlier today, but when I tried to provide screenshots I was unable to do so on both iPhone and iPad. For some odd reason it only times out or freezes. If anyone knows how to get this to work I’d love to know.

2 days. Unusually long, I used to get an acknowledgement right away.

Interestingly I had trouble with my screenshot as well… it seemed to only upload parts of it. Android here (Galaxy S9+).

Today I opened the app and all was normal!! I was elated! But then I had to refresh and when I did it’s all back. Green as far as the eye can see. No emails from support. Just silence. I’m really upset because I SAW the strikes that would’ve been in my circle.

I’m sorry you guys are experiencing this.

I have the same issue and although I got an apology last week, this week has been even worse and despite me contacting them and sending screenshots again yesterday …
Nothing, nothing at all.
Not even a reply.
My wife is just about to contact them too.
Perhaps they may listen to her :man_shrugging:

That happened to me for Halloween. Few times my drops and spawns reappeared for few minutes.
From observations of playing and map issues I’m sure its a server issue. New software somehow interrupted servers that they don’t display map, drops and spawns properly.

Since this happened I’ve had to go looking for orange drops etc to at least get my items and found everything green until L3 changed to L2 a mile from here. There I found a typical mix of orange and green drops, towers and chests with local area spawns. Same in the adjacent L4. But I had to turn around where L1 started because - you guessed it - there was another green wasteland.

So it appears to be somehow related to local area zones.

Another nonsense change with closest orange drops turning to chests. I need to make 5 minut detour to reach more drops, got 0 FITs, luckily got 1F and 1T from chests. My area (three blocks around) is still wasteland with drops.

Try to seek anything else than ESD from 09 00 to 10 00 EDT. This is the time when events is changing so orange drops, chests and long term strike events will stay. I know it don’t help much, but this is the only thing I know.

I used to go for a walk in this time almost for every day in the Halloween week, when I need to catch ESD’s. There were 1-2 ESD in kilometere radius this days. Now everything is fine in my region, feeling bad, that yours is like this

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When did it change back to normal - after the Halloween event?

After the event it was a little easier, but a lack of EDS lasted till this day

So analysis and solving of your case may take a week or two. I’d count on something like that

Sigh… I sure hope they mess up a different local area for the Christmas event - jk, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Instead I hope this will never again happen to any player… very discouraging.

Hey Robyn_Van_Sanford, are you attaching the screenshots to your email, or are you trying to send them through the in-game support?