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Local area spawns and supply drops have been replaced with park supply drops and spawns

That happened to me for Halloween. Few times my drops and spawns reappeared for few minutes.
From observations of playing and map issues I’m sure its a server issue. New software somehow interrupted servers that they don’t display map, drops and spawns properly.

Since this happened I’ve had to go looking for orange drops etc to at least get my items and found everything green until L3 changed to L2 a mile from here. There I found a typical mix of orange and green drops, towers and chests with local area spawns. Same in the adjacent L4. But I had to turn around where L1 started because - you guessed it - there was another green wasteland.

So it appears to be somehow related to local area zones.

Another nonsense change with closest orange drops turning to chests. I need to make 5 minut detour to reach more drops, got 0 FITs, luckily got 1F and 1T from chests. My area (three blocks around) is still wasteland with drops.

Try to seek anything else than ESD from 09 00 to 10 00 EDT. This is the time when events is changing so orange drops, chests and long term strike events will stay. I know it don’t help much, but this is the only thing I know.

I used to go for a walk in this time almost for every day in the Halloween week, when I need to catch ESD’s. There were 1-2 ESD in kilometere radius this days. Now everything is fine in my region, feeling bad, that yours is like this

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When did it change back to normal - after the Halloween event?

After the event it was a little easier, but a lack of EDS lasted till this day

So analysis and solving of your case may take a week or two. I’d count on something like that

Sigh… I sure hope they mess up a different local area for the Christmas event - jk, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Instead I hope this will never again happen to any player… very discouraging.

Hey Robyn_Van_Sanford, are you attaching the screenshots to your email, or are you trying to send them through the in-game support?

I tried to attach through in game chat which didn’t work. I then attached them to the email I sent using the support map address and the support email address chat gave me. I’ve sent plenty! I’m hoping the update fixes it though. Thanks for reaching out and asking.

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Do you have the Privacy Protection mode enabled in your in-game settings? That might cause issues when sending screenshots to our team.

I don’t. I’m on iOS which may be the problem. I think I’ve seen for whatever reason it’s an apple thing but again frustrating. I’m attaching photos here. With the update it’s the same only they removed some of my supply drops I think I lost 3. Way more green. No strikes. Why is this happening to me? I missed most of the thanksgiving stuff as well.

For privacy protection I click permissions and then click disable and then I think it’s disabled but not sure actually. It’s like it won’t let me disable it.

It looks like it is enabled from the screenshot. If you tap on Disable after the option appears to Enable/Disable, that should confirm it. :smiley:

Yes I did that. Several times actually. But it goes right back to the enable/ disable screen like nothing happens. Which is why I suppose I’m questioning whether it’s been done. Losing the strikes is awful because I don’t have a car during the day and being Colorado it’s very cold right now! By the way I’m very appreciative of you replying because all I’ve gotten so far are the we will get back to you responses.

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That is strange that it would do that when you tap disable. :thinking:

I can definitely understand that not having Strike events on your map is frustrating. Hopefully, our team will be able to address this soon.

Have you tried playing the game on a different device to see if the same issues persist?

Well, I see local L3 spawns instead of park spawns now (and an additional supply drop in front of the house, thank you!) but unfortunately all supply drops are still green. They have event dinos, so that may be why, I should know by tomorrow.

I’m on Android, BTW - Galaxy S9+.

I’ll trade you…got nothing but regular stops here. Only 2 greens visible waaaayyyy off in the distance.

Yes it’s the same on my iPad. Same issues. Lack of orange drops and no strikes plus none of the new dinos despite using epic and rare scents. However that may be just that I’m in local 4 and unlucky. I’m feeling disappointed by this. Thanks for the response.

With the rare event dinos the few orange supply drops in the distance have now turned green as well but I get only local spawns (L3) - now that parks have new dinos.

So I basically have the worst of both worlds now - only L3 spawns and nothing but green supply drops.

Of course no event towers anywhere near.


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I can’t even get the sanctuary items anymore. If you are gonna do this, at least add sanc items to the shop so we can buy them for like 10 cash each