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Local Areas and Migration

Any plan to shift/rotate areas? I am sick and tired of Suchomimus.

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No mention of any migrations in patch notes. I wouldn’t count on it.

Nope, they’ll just nerf daily spawns and that’s it.

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Enough is enough!

Agreed, rotation would be fantastic.
Every 3 months.
It would stop the whining about “Local area X is horrible! Why is Local area X so great, I don’t have access to that!”

But then, realistically the locals aren’t that big…

I live in L1, work in L3 and spend recreational time in L2.

No idea where there’s a L4 other than it has to be south of where I live…sparsely populated farmland with no real public access, and north of where I work… sparsely populated farmland with no real public access…

So yeah, rotation would be great! Thanks.

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They seem pretty big for me, I have to walk quite a lot to get to L2 from L4. I’m closer to L1 though. I wish it were L3, that’s even further away.


I’d like to see a rotation too. I lived in Suchomimus zone for a while, but I love my bleeders! Wouldn’t mind having still some more! But now I’m in the perpetual lake of Diplocaulus. Ew. House pests. Rotation would be a nice way to spice things up

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At least Sucho makes a great superhybrid. I have nothing to show for my Majunga ocean :rofl:


I wish the actual number would show but I have enough Majunga DNA to level it to 30.


Brace yourself…After next update you will have even more sucho spawns then before because of their nerf of daily, day spawns.

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You know, it’s funny that I keep thinking back to them removing the 1 Unique chance because it would make the arenas unbalanced. But I can’t help think that by not rotating the zones it is in fact contributing to unbalanced arenas.


I was thinking about post it for long time.

My idea is:

  1. Rotate area every four weeks (so the same amount of weekends/work days). Why four? Enough time to focus on hunting, no so long to get bored.
  2. Rotation should be deterministic: area 1 become 2, 2 -> 3, 3 -> 4 and 4 -> 1

If it’s so hard to swap areas into each other, let’s swap dinos in that areas. It will be equal for the players and maybe different (I’m really not sure) for realization.

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