Local, day & night spawn...Why? What’s benefits?

Why is this game designed to have different local spawn, day&night spawn? What’s benefit to players?

Apart from investment in games (i.e coins and cash), I have cost of gas for capturing DNA of dino in different zones. I drive from one side to another side of my city just to collect DNA from different dino in different zones

Day & night spawn is also a design concept that I never get it. How often can you stay whole night to hunt down raptor and Kaprosuchus?

I wonder why the game doesn’t randomly generate all dino regardless of zone, daytime, and nighttime?

Part of the challenge?

Mix things up so everyone doesn’t have the exact same resources and end up battling with the exact same team?

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The idea behind this is for players to have different teams, each good and bad in their own way.

But the implementation of this feature is so bad that it boils down to “if you’re in local 3/4 and/or a night time player, you’re screwed”

It creates a rarity through availability that slows progression.

It forces folks to actually move in a game designed for that to get what they want.

It allows players to focus on areas of need to maximize their hunting time by knowing what area they are in and what they require for progression.

It adds strategy to a hunt by making folks prioritize what zones they will use their time or scents in while also improving the opportunity to get what you are looking for.

Changing all this to a free for all spawn would be a terrible move.

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because if all spawned at the same times all day then trex and other carnivores would be fat from eating to much.

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Basically, it’s a good idea, but with horrible implementation in JWA.

Yeah it’s not very fair on the kids if the spawns they need are past their bedtime (or even our bedtimes as adults)

i think they do a good job of dispersing dna through strikes, drops and now dna trading aswell as incubators for those who buy.