Local Dinos - Weekly-Monthly Migration

Instead of making some areas better than others. How about changing each area every week or two. Even a month is okay!

What if local dinos could change up every week or 2. L4 migrates to L2 and L3 migrates to L1. But changes all up each time. This way every player can have a change up and fresh outlook on there maps. Plus I can’t get to L1 so that is also why I thought of this.

I mean this is better than taking Sino from L1 for like a month then giving it back to the same players. I think I like this idea over certain dinos being stripped from locals.

Here’s what its like right now.

I have 60k+ allosaurs dna with 350 Allosino dna already. And lvl 25 Thor.

I have lvl 19 Dieno with 10k dna (only because of the events)

I have 200 Dilo dna lvl 19 Dilorano

Area 1 is a 40 minute drive for me. Every local area 1 is woods or freeways. And woods have nothing and the freeway is slim and changes quickly to a new area.

I think it can cause for more balance in collecting. And gives all players chances at different dinos. While still having to traverse each one.



Like this I found today?! :scream:

Well Bary g2 is out on the loose this week because of the hybrid pursuit xD I have gotten 4 so far!

But I’m talking about our local spawns. For example allosaurs spawns in area 3. Dieno spawns in area 1.

People have been asking for this since the beginning, with the change of the weekly rewards there is a glimmer of hope that this company sometimes uses their earplug devices and actually listens to us, but to make a change this major happen they would have to undergo an eardrum surgery…

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Yep this is why I want to bring it up again, since they actually did the alliance rewards. I don’t see how this could hurt anyone. Every 2 weeks the locals could migrate places. Giving fresh environments on the map. And fresh hunting grounds. And I Don’t mean moving around a few, move the whole flock.

This way metahub(gamepress) wouldn’t even have to write new areas everytime. We could call them flock 1-flock 4 and keep updating where each local flock has moved. Idk just a thought.

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