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Local spawns


So if local spawns are set with 4 locals and nests how come i see deino in local 2 in two seperate areas but have no nest spawns?


Sounds more like tjose local 2 are either on the boarder of a local 1… or something… itnone spot close to me there are two roads thst run parrell to each other… right dab in the middle of these two roads are a set of depots 1 on each road the have l3 spawns… visually kinda like a line running through this l1. All spawns before and after these depots are l1 but those depots spawn l3 stuff exclusively.

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Thats what i was thinking but then i go over past the spawn and its still a local 2 i thought maybe nest spawn as they are in the same spot every time but they shouldn’t have nest spawns


Then those spots are local 1 spawns similar to the local 3 i mentioned in my post…local sizes vary by huge degrees and there not always geometric either

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Deino spawns at bus stops, also there is a very small chance that dino’s can spawn anywhere regardless of zones/nests etc.


Thats mad that there is literly only one local 1 spawn in yhe whole area and it is only that 1 dino that spawns there not going to complain as i need all the deino i can get as i was foolish to bot dart as much when deino was a local 2 spawn


Do vraps ever spawn at those locations?

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Yh if it ain’t a deino its a vrap or a einio


Its most likely flagged as a bus stop then even if it isnt now it may have been at one time.


Yh i have only just got used to the locals so was abit confused on why a local 1 was apearing in a local 2 freqently in the same place thanks for the help