Local Supply drops

This is a gratitude post
Since the game began I have never had supply drops within walking range I had to do extended range with vip and still everything was always at the edge of my range, nothing within walking distance to where I could get max rewards for being close also with Dinos collecting dna I had to use scent to get anything close. I am tickled pink that I have 3 supply drops within walking range in my apartment complex. I hope they remain. @Ned I wanted to post the good too not just a complaint :blush:


Nothing to do with Ludia… Google Maps Platform Gaming Services handles the points of interest.

Who ever did it I am happy about it :blush:

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Thank you for sharing the good news with us, LadyTLuvz! Supply Drops can change their locations after some time, but I’m glad to hear that more have spawned around your area! :raised_hands:

How do they decide? None of the stops around here seem to be related to anything and 2 of the stops I can reach have just disappeared.

Ive got 4 static, 4 that move between two nearby points and one that seems to pop up at random (sometimes in my ftp range, sometimes just outside)!

I’m down to 5 in circle now. Interestingly the only two that have gone are in my circle, no others in the entire visible area have even moved :angry: