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Local Zone Changed Back

It was nice last week that I was in local zone 4. I noticed today that I am back to local zone 1 again. I remember clearly yesterday when I went for my lunch time walk up to the next zone, there was a local 1 creature.

My question is, are we going to have weekly zone rotation? Last week, I was 4, this week 1 and maybe, next week 2, then 3 and back to 4.

Does anyone know or was last week a mistake that got fixed?

Just how do I know what zone I’m in?

Go to this link and observe which creatures are spawning in the local spawn section.

In my area, zones are approximately 2 miles or 3 Kilometres square.


It’s funny because not being in the same zone as usual was the most praised thing after the update, with everybody hoping that it would be also on a rotation… Waking up and being in the same old zone kind of crushed all hope…

If it’s rotation, cool. If not, I thank the dude in the sky, cause I prefer my old (current again) local

At this point I can’t even tell what zone I’m in.

I guess you’re one of those zone 2 guy? Well, I’m back to zone 4, you know, the swamp were all dying dinos go to die, and become fuel for future generations… That’s about how useful the dinos in zone 4 can be :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am. And yes, I know, it was zone 4 here for me till yesterday =D

Or maybe it was 1… Dunno, they both don’t seem very good

I’m pretty sure Zone 3 is the worst now, and unsurprisingly that’s exactly where I’ve ended up.

I was so excited when the update moved me to Zone 2, I managed to get a bunch of Bary G2s, even a Mammoth and Pyroraptor (they’re all limiting factors for me). I was finally rid of the Edmontosaurus and Pteranodon menace (pre-2.0 I was in a Zone 3 park).

Then I wake up to Pteranodon and Edmontosaurus again. Not funny.

I really hope there will be regular rotation from now on. I really don’t want to be stuck with the same local spawns as before.

Any new zone was better than our previous ones! I was zone 4, and went into your zone 3 and was absolutely happy, just because I had new dinos to hunt down… That was so refreshing! As far as being 3 being the worst zone, you may want to check zone 4 as well… Close contest for sure :slight_smile:

I see now it was area 1 that I had ended up before. I was happy with the change for, like, 2 days, then I was already sick of seeing Gallimimus and Giraffatitan every time everywhere.

It’s nowhere near as bad as Zone 3, subjectively of course.

Ourano is my limiting factor for Dilorach, Monolopho G2 is great now that Dime G2 is global and Monolometrodon is awesome, I’m really looking forward to the Skoolasaurus Unique so I’d love to dart Scolo, Diplo G2 will probably get a Unique eventually and I would love to stockpile it (I actually quite like Diplovenator too), Gorgosuchus is neat and Postosuchus is great since it’s the limiting factor on Tryostronix (Dimetrodon is global and I have Bary in abundance).

I’m obviously biased against Edmontosaurus and Pteranodon, and Diplotator is meh, Secodonto I’ll have plenty of as long as Brachi is exclusive, Monolophosaurus is meh with Resilient moves and the Monostegotops nerf, Moschops I have loads of, Delta I have loads of and that’s basically it.

Subjectively is the right word! Any other zones than the one we have been piling on for so long is good. In my case, Secondo was a dream come true, Phuro was great, Diplotator (possibly for tourney), and I could not pass on a Ptera, Moshop, or even Deinos for future considerations… Oh well, we really have to hope that they are planning some sort of rotation now that we have tasted it! :slight_smile:

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