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Local Zone migration

So it’s actually happened!

Local Zone changed on the 1st Monday of the month (oddly enough before the reset).

I just chucked out a giga scent and instead of getting Zone 2 creatures I got Zone 3 (Phoru & Deinocherius)


Yup mine changed to a bad one

Not very happy
I was in local 4 and working towards monometridon and now I can as I have no monolophosaurus gen 2 dna

You’ll be back there in December, it will fly by.

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What do you mean

I mean you’ll be back in Zone 4 in December.

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Oh why

Seriously? It’s a monthly rotation. There are only 4 zones. It’s basic math.

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It might repeat or maybe 1231231224

That’s the silliest thing i’ve ever heard.

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Then it wouldn’t be rotation. Rotating zones means you get each once before any repeats.


You got one month to get it,it is enough to lvl it up to 30.
But you have to abuse giga scents every day.
I am from local 1 aswell and it is not exceptional but:
-ankylosaurus give you dio and tryko: a must
-Sino dna give you 4 hybrids,im sure you havent max them yet.
-Girafatitan itself is one of the most powerful rares
-miragaia is still one powerful common
-Inostrancevia give you one legendary which is not too bad.

I went from local 1 to 2, which I’m happy about. I’m looking for raja to level my dio, and I got two of them (and a mammoth) off my giga scent tonight.

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Assuming you are not in a lockdown situation, why not go out hunting and track down the zone you need?

Wonder if it has the same timer as the bosses do. Instead of starting at X a.m., it starts at dawn

I’m very happy to see the rotation happen. I’ve moved from zone 1 to 2 and already starting to see several rajasaurus, pyroraptors and mammoths.