Localization improvements

Hi, not sure if it should be posted here or at the Bugreporting section.

I’ve played JWA on my phone with English locale since the game launch and this year I installed it to my daughter tablet with Russian locale.

And some things are really incorrect in Russian localization, eg when you hunt for some dinosaurs at events English counter title says “Attempted”, but Russian says “Неудача” what is in English “Fail” - so better word for Russian will be “Попыток”.

So question is: developers do you need such feedback and review for the Russian (and may be other languages) localizations?

Hey there, siberiaman, thanks for reporting this! We’d really appreciate it if you could reach out to our team about this at support+forums@ludia.com, including any/all errors you notice as well as any relevant screenshots.

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Hi John, going to my mail client :+1: