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Locals 1-4 need a couple more dinos each

I did some research out of curiosity. There are 44 dinos in all 4 locals combined with 8 being hybrids. There are 45 global spawns with 6 being hybrids. I wish they could add 1 rare and 1 epic (non-hybrids) to each local to add variety.


I always thought it would be cool if they pulled from the pool of global commons to give every area a unique night common. They could use this to make some strong dinos a bit harder to obtain (e.g. doing this to Dimetrodon G2 for Monolometerodon, as long as it wasn’t the same area as Monolophosaurus G2). And I think that Velociraptor should be a global night spawn again now that Deinonychus is a thing, but thats just a pet peeve of mine.

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maybe a epic hybrid but non-hybrid works too.

area 1 gets majundaboa
area 2 gets sacorixis
area 3 gets scaphotator
area 4 gets thylacator.

Theyre just the superhybrids of the hybrids already in the zone.

The odds of getting let’s say Irritator by using a giga at night is approximately 1/40. I still remember when hunting was fun.

The additional night common might actually help with this. You would lose 4 from the global anytime spawns and gaining 1 in the local night spawn, for a net loss of three commons from your potential night spawns. I don’t know the individual spawn rates for each section and rarity though.

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Besides the fact that zones 2 and 4 have significantly better hybrids. The other problem is how Ludia rates hybrid spawns.

Hybrid spawns are the rarest spawns and epic hybrids are the rarest of the epic spawns.

We just wouldn’t see these things enough to really change anything.