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Location, location, location


Have the day off so drove up to “the big city” nearby to do some hunting and enjoy a day out (still here, getting some lunch). First thing I find? Erlikosaurs. Since then I have found a monolophosaurus, ouranosaurus, t-rex, and koolasuchus. 3 of those 5 I haven’t seen around my town in over a month.

Looks like walking or biking doesn’t even cut it anymore and you have to drive 30+ miles to find good spawns.

Honestly, these spawn rates and locations really suck right now.


What bothers me is not that we have 4 locals, but rather that not all locals are created equal. As you said, the spawns are whack and unbalanced.

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100% true @wrothgar Locals are extremely unbalanced, Ludia…

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I agree with this 100%. If they don’t change spawns or buff some creatures like tuoramoloch and diorajasaur, local 3 and 4 will be under extremely unfavorable conditions.:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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