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Location of Green Spaces on the Map


I’ve been wondering, are the greeen spaces forests because I’ve seen multiple locations where there were forests but no green on the map. The main place is a forest that borders part of my house. Is there any way to show proof/ the location of places that should be green so you can add them to the map?

I can't see the green stops

I saw green places before but only in a major city so far. They are considered ‘parks’ in-game and on google maps. Well the dark green ones are; light green ones are foresty areas (google maps). Forest areas aren’t really shown in-game, only on google maps.


in my city no gave green map or green supply. no have dinossaur event


In my town, two small parks are green areas while a huge park (surrounding a castle) isn’t marked as such.
All three have event supply drops tho.


The green stops gone… Is a bug?? I can’t see the daily dinosaur of the event T-T

All those stops were green