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Lock evolve button option

We’ve all been there, the dreaded misclick that costs you a bunch of coins and dna that you were saving for fusing a hybrid but instead you upgraded the useless ingredient dino.

Ludia, please give us a simple button next to the evolve button that can lock that creature and disable the evolve option.


Even just a simple confirmation on level up. It wouldn’t be a big inconvenience and it would save so many headaches


Yep, that would do the job equally as well.

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I love this idea ludia pls add this for me, them, everybody

I’ve played since day 1, and I think this came up on day 2. They will not do it and it’s totally intentional.

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I have a better idea! A de evolve similar to the undo boosts! Of course you get back less coins but I have many that I over evolved!