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Lockdown themed epic strike tower missing

According to the schedule, we should get a shot at a lockdown themed epic strike tower today (tuesday). However, I haven’t seen this thing around and I’ve biked pretty much across a big part of my town… normally I would see at least 1 on the map from my house, and certainly a lot more when I take my daily bike trip.
Anyone else having the same issue? This is the second time for me after the epic strike tower from last sunday failed to show up.

It will most likely be in the second 12 hours of the day. Expect it to show up in 4 hours 12 minutes.

It comes at night 10:00 PM.

ah allright, I’m from Europe and it’s almost midnight here, wich means almost wednesday. Hoping he’s there when I wake up tommorrow!

The 24 hour strike tower cycle starts at 9:00AM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). On days where you see the split strike towers in a single box, we get one of them from 9:00AM EDT until 9:00PM EDT. Then it switches to the other one from 9:00PM EDT until 9:00AM EDT the following day. You just have to adjust for your local timezone.

There are exceptions sometimes where scent strikes show up an hour early.