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Locked Creature Thread

Still didn’t see a thread speaking of improvements with locked creature. So if someone wants to post their improvement with locked boys…that’s the right thread. Here is mine improvement done today with the Prize Drop


I had already fused this guy away for suchoripterus not too long ago now hes making a swift return to the park all thanks to modded PvP

Rajasaur I have 2 maxed and enough to make a 3rd max also.

I have enough to fuse supranotitan but I’m not going to yet.

I need 2 more euplos for giganocephalus but I have 2 maxed gigas, really want the hybrid because I think it looks great


Sucho is very cool


Other boi

I wanted to inform you that if you want a common you need to max it out, they’re on sale for 550 DBs. I’ll buy one when i’ll be missing only one common of the given specie


I wouldnt, you can get most of the locked commons through prize drop on the zinc wheel so I would hold out instead of wasting 550 db if I were you.


That’ true, didn’t think to that

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what they need to do is let you unlock something if you pass the level minimum to unlock it via battle events. I am level 47, and I still dont have all the commons unlocked. probably never will, either. the problem is you need to stay a lower level for a longer time. But we Don’t want to do that, we want to level up more! But Ludia is just cheating us out of their own game with this trash. I liked how each battle stage gave you a creature to unlock. I want that back. Sure, its nice to get DNA, but you get dna from finishing LITERALLY ANY OTHER BATTLE.

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Everyone agrees, poor move by ludia imo, what’s good about unlocking a new battle stage only to get dna? Theres so many creatures in the game now aswell, before this it was actually exciting gaining new levels because each level meant a new creature to add to the park, I’m not sure what they were going for when they made this decision really :thinking:

And now we get to unlock ostafrikkingsaurus about 79 times… while creatures like dimetrodon and sarcho are not to be seen… yeah… fantastic…

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I have 4 pyroraptors and 2 monolophosaurus. I want both hybrids and have the other one for each at lvl 40.

There was a monolophosaurus unlock event at least half a year ago, unfortunately since then ludia keeps announcing the unlock event in the calendar but does a carnoraptor or other creature unlock instead claiming a miss-information or something.

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