Locked creatures and Sanctuaries?

I was wondering if anyone encountered this yet but, is it possible to have someone put a creature that you don’t have in a Sanctuary and then play with it until eventually you can create it? I know it would take time but, If so, that would be awesome.

Pachy requires Lvl 20. Tried to get a bit off an alliance member but wouldn’t let me

Well I was meaning more of creatures you don’t have unlocked at all, like you haven’t created them, but that’s good to know too. I should update the description since it’s my bad.

You can’t put hybrids in the sanctuaries, which means no legendaries or uniques.

However, if you can find someone who will put an epic in there that you don’t have and you feed it/interact with it/play with it, then… YES, you will get DNA of that missing epic towards the goal of creating your own.

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Thank you, I knew about the hybrid lock out but I was curious, especially with these new dinos, Allosaurus Gen 2 and the other Triceratops looking one with the hard name.