Locked Creatures

Hi everyone, first let me introduce myself as it’s my first forum post: I’m Dave, but you can call me DM.

Now let’s get to the serious stuff: blocked creatures. I have seen several posts in the forum where we talk about these creatures that for months / years have not received unlocking events and which are difficult to obtain through other ways (low probability in PvP rewards or at the price of 1750DB).
Since I have seen that this bad humor is quite widespread, especially for those creatures like Pyroraptor or Monolophosaurus that in addition to having Hybrids also give the possibility of having Super Hybrids, I was wondering if there was a possibility to see some unlocking events also for higher level players (60+) or anything we can do to push Ludia to introduce unlock events in the short term (maybe talk to some staff members through this forum).


Welcome to the forums @JWTGdm!
Yes we all have been struggling to get these locked creatures to level 40 :slightly_frowning_face:
some of these have been maxed while others haven’t

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They will eventually switch up what they’re doing, even if they say they wont, people will start getting very tired of the same old unlocks and well nature will take its course…

In the mean time I’ve got a lot of locked copies through PvP and the TH.


I still need 5 more pyroraptors and 4 more monolophosauruss. I finally got my last rhamphorhynchus 3 days ago so I could get the hybrid.


Welcome to the forums Dave. Some creatures don’t have an unlock event. Other creatures that you may have missed leveling up that show up on the weekly unlocks, occasionally show up during an unlock week for higher-level parks. Other creatures are only unlocked via a tournament. In which case you just need to be patient and you will eventually get a chance.

Thank you all for the welcome.

@Keith I didn’t want to sound impatient, in fact I thought it was just my problem since I left the game for about a year and then started playing again for a few months. However, just by checking on this forum I found various posts for which we talk about unlocking events that have been missing for years (ex. Pyroraptor) or others that are announced and then do not appear to be there (a few days ago for the monopholosaurus event, which instead turned out to be a Carnoraptor event).

I give these two examples as there are both hybrids and super hybrids that can only be obtained with these unlockings, but the concept holds true for many other dinos (I have read about other players who have several locked common creatures).

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The team is aware that players would like to see certain / all dinosaurs be unlockable (some creatures more than others) and while they are investigating different ways for players to get/earn copies of those dinosaurs, currently there are no immediate plans to change how they are distributed. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, just that it won’t occur in the immediate future.


If someone wants, i created a thread about thisLocked Creature Thread

I’ve been wanting a pyroraptor unlock event for high level parks for a while now. I have 1 carnoraptor that I got from a pack a while back and ironically, Dimetrocarnus is the only super hybrid that I have enough S-DNA to unlock.

Welcome to the forums @JWTGdm, as someone that has been around for a while I can say it has been just over a year since these creatures were available as unlocks through the standard battle stage progression. Which in JWTG time is not very long. Aside from this I have learned that this game is about two things, well really one thing which is patience. You can supplement that patience with the second thing, real money, to move quicker through the game but at the end of the day this game is setup to test your patience. If you play consistently over a very long period of time (years as in 2-3 or even 4 years) opportunities to unlock each creature will present themselves or you will have obtained more than enough copies through regular game play.

While a lot of players would like unlock events that switch up every few weeks or months that is just not how this game operates.


He is basically saying they changed it hoping you would spend money instead of waiting.