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Locked or Unlocked

I am confused! Hopefully just missing something obvious.

In my creature market Megalosaurus is clearly showing as Locked, says ‘Unlocked Via Special Event’. When I go to the Creature Glossary and sort to Locked, it doesn’t show up as one of the Locked Dinos. FYI, I currently have a Level 20 from prize drops. Is that right? Shouldn’t these two places match up? Is the definition of Locked different for each area? Just because I have one hatched shouldn’t keep it from not showing up as Locked in the Glossary, it is still a Locked Dino for me until I am able to purchase it with DNA.

This also happens with Nodosaurus and Darwinopterus, which I also have already through prize drops…coulda swore I unlocked Nodo in a past tourney though.

I just tested it out with Trex Gen2 who was hatching. Showed up in the Glossary as Locked while hatching, but not after it hatched. It’s not in the market at all which makes sense.

After typing it all out, I am more confused than ever!:laughing:

Mine is similar. In the Glossary, the Locked and Unowned sorts show the same creatures. The Locked sort does not show Locked creatures that I own, such as Bananogmius or the VIPs. The market sort does show them, although it only shows the VIPs if I have one to be hatched.

The issue being (didn’t mention previously) if I have one waiting to be hatched their is no way for me to tell if a creature is Locked or not. Most of us have a backlog of the tourney VIPs waiting to hatch.

If I want to accept a trade offer for DBs for say a Megalosaurus, and I have one waiting to be hatched, I’d like to know whether it is a dino that Is Locked or not. It would decide whether I accept the trade or not.

Use the Locked Sort in the market. It works for me

(Face Palm!!!) not sure why this never occurred ti me. Thanks for the help!

Still curious as to why the Glossary doesn’t match.

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I facepalmed too :joy:

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