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Locked Out At Loading Screen, Again

Not the first time I’ve had this problem with the app and I know others have had it too.

Loading stalls at 16/22 and will just remain that way. I have force closed, deleted and re installed app, restarted phone completely, tried on wifi and cellular as well as on different devices.

It always happens when darting a dino in an area with poor reception, which is kind of unavoidable where I live. The app crashes in general if I drop from 4G to 3G even.

Last time it took nearly 3 hours before it allowed me back in. It’s not the end of the world obviously but it’s a very annoying glitch, especially as it happens when you’re out hunting.

Hopefully the issues with the game in lower cell activity areas are addressed soon. If Ludia are serious about wanting a cheater free environment they’ll need to make the game more stabile when not on wifi.

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