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Locked out Error since update (iOS)

When the update dropped, the new creatures were not appearing on the map. I deleted and downloaded the app, but afterwards it gave me an error 10029 and won’t load past 1/27. Any WiFi, any data, it gives me that error. Also, when looking at the settings, it doesn’t show a Version or a support key anymore, it’s blank (as shown in picture). I don’t know what’s going on and don’t want to miss out on the tourney or the pretty good DNA this weekend… Please help!

Hey Pov!

Please use the link below to contact our support staff directly and they would be happy to help fix this issue.

Ludia Support

is ur phone updated past software update ios 11?

Yep, updated all the way to 14.0. I can update to 14.1 and see if it works…

Hey, I already sent something in, haven’t heard since Tuesday. I also don’t have the full support key, it’s not showing up on that page, seen in the screenshot. Does support have old messages to them ? I have some old messages they might be able to pull the support key from…

Oh then idk what’s going on sorry mate