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Locked out for 3 days. Error 100

For some unusual reason, I haven’t been able to connect for 2 days now after letting the developers know that I am brown. It was a joke, but somehow, it seems to have taken a weird effect since my kids (3) and wife can all still access the site and app easily. I have re-installed and even tried installing the app on a different device. So weird, but it seems like the only unique action thus far is letting Ludia know I am brown skinned…this doesn’t seem possible in today’s climate, especially since the coders are probably also melanin gifted.

If you emailed them directly as a joke, they have work to do, that’s probably why. If you told the developers, how did you tell them? Via the forums, email, reporting someone through the game…

Hey there, @joonipar, I’m sorry to hear that you’re the only member of your family who is unable to play the game. I can imagine how frustrating that must be!

Although I’m really not sure why you have been receiving this error message, our support team would be glad to take a closer look at things on their end and get you back to collecting DNA as soon as possible. Reach out to them at, including your support key so they can find you more quickly in their system. Thanks!

The initial contact with them concerned pervasive DNA requests from an Alliance membership that I had left. During gameplay in all screens, I would receive pop-up notifications for a group which I had departed. Ludia acknowledged the bug. After a month of un-abated pop-ups, I posited if the coders were perhaps not addressing the issue because I was brown skinned. A week later, I could no longer access the game. I reported this through the app interface in the FaQ’s section.

I can no longer reach that screen since I time out during load up of the app.

Thanks for the input, Baryonyx, I’m sure you are trying to be helpful and not acerbic.

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Thanks, John. I just recalled I’m pretty sure I have a screenshot somewhere from one of my previous issues with the interface to view my ID key.

I wasnt trying to be sarcastic, just trying to help with my limited knowledge :slightly_smiling_face:

Both me and my wife get these 100 Error which is one with no “Reconnect” button so we have to kill and reboot. This happens often after some other disconnect error.

It’s really frustrating too because we are usually driving into town to do a strike tower and there is a corner where we need to know whether to turn right or left but our game is disconnected and going through the “way too long” process of reloading and we are at the corner having to pick a direction before it realoads! GRRRRR!. I spit out a few profanities at this god forsaken peice of :poop: of course and turn right as the game is finally displaying on the screen and then see I should have turned left! GRRRRR!

Left is Subway and a pizza place. Right is McDonald’s, Panera Bread, and an ice cream place and another restaurant. These towers are usually around one of these. Of course we hope the long ones are at a restaurant. We tend to drive around till we find the long ones at a restaurant somewhere. So we have been trying out some new places recently… just to sit and do these strike towers.

I feel your pain