Locked out of game? Here is something to pass the time

Ever wanted to see a drag race between a Motorcycle VS an F1 Racecar VS Suped Up Super Cars VS a Fighter Jet VS a Private Leer Jet, all at the same time?

Of course you do! What a silly question!

Hope the game come back up soon. :slight_smile:


You know, Iā€™m kinda hoping that 1.8 will be up when I gain access to my account again

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Behold, LORD LYTHRONAX! A blast from the past. Second Attempt, first time was a slaughter. :wink:

Funny how the two specific dinos that I think caused the most harm in 1.7 with boosties, are the very same two that really saved my butt on this strike. Irony is ironic sometimes. :thinking:


If this happened on Friday, Iā€™d probably take it as a sign to quit playing and sink my resources into the new Harry Potter game.

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Hate to say it, but that just looks plain bad

Wow biker hit warp speed lol