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Locking Packs Behind Subscribe Wall

So is this the new normal?

I had been relying on these 2-4-1 gem deals to get legendaries because they’re so incredibly rare to get otherwise. But now I see them locked behind a paywall and, I have to say, I’m pretty miffed about it.

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The pattern seems to be that Community Vote legendary packs and Legendary Week packs are not pay walled while all others are behind the VIP.

Here’s the discussion after the community noticed that every 2-for-1 Legendary pack was paywalled after the d20 economy change (update 10):

I reported on the first non-VIP pack after the d20 economy change here:

I believe the reason this is being done, is due to hackers who can exploit gems and/or gold. They cannot absolutely get these packs unless they pay for vip, which they wont.

Ludia likely cannot speak of these matters, so best I can do is offer this.

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