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Lockwood be getting scary


This person has over 5300 points. I beat their rat, lvl 27 Erli, AND lvl 28 Indo. Rng was on my side.
This was a match I got timed out of too and came back for the win~

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Nicely done, that’s definitely some scary stuff

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Well done. I guess that shows us this new matchmaking isn’t working at all… Just wasting our time and patience by taking so long to find opponents.

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Agreed, I feel like it could be good if done correctly. Current system needs tweaking I think. While I don’t mind battling people 600-700 points ahead of me, not everyone is going to.

Personally I find it a little refreshing, the battle style changes a little over with those above 5000 and I’m looking at it as a way for me to prepare for if I ever get that many trophies. :slight_smile:

Also, the fact that I’m kicking butt against people that high up bring a smile to my face. Even more when I get timed out and STILL win.

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Ive been pushed down to 4600. Easy to lose when the system claims the match isn’t happening and kicks only you. My DC way scarier than that mouse. Could easily go Lockwood.

Im fighting scarier than mine also. I’ll take any match the creatures and players not the bugs decide.

Before the questions I’m trying to take pictures of Marsupial Lion so it’s got a temporary place in squad.

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Oof, that image just hurt me in my soul. I’m so sorry.
Have you been able to rejoin a match once its been timed out? Sometimes you can salvage it.


I’ve rejoined upto 3 times same match. I think it’s always a lose but I’m not there to know for sure.


Sheesh, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m hoping that they can fix these issues before the tournament.