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Lockwood estate harder than the aviary


the opponents i face in lockwood have way better dinos and higher levels than in the aviary and it is getting very frustrating trying to do well in a tournament

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If you’re having trouble winning, collect more dna to improve your team


wow i never thought of that. what i am saying is that my team has an easier time beating teams in the aviary than in lockwood and that 90% of my losses are due to RNG not skill


That sucks


You are totally right! No way To get To 4500 trophies :sob:


I felt that way as well when I was bouncing back and forth between Lockwood and Aviary. Now that I am in mid Aviary I can tell you I would gladly go back to face the teams I did down in Lockwood. :joy:

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It doesn’t seem to make any difference whether I’m in Lockwood or the Aviary , I get matched with teams way better than mine !
I just hit 4500 so I’m staying out till the tournament finishes now .


I am so glad to be above the fray and facing lv 28-30 Uniques and Tyrant dinos almost exclusively here in the Aviary. They must have Ultra Uniques in Lockwood.


@Justin_Larson lol where have I heard that before :rofl::heart:


Bouncing between Lockwood and Aviary can make you feel that it’s harder to get from Lockwood. When you ger little higher around 4600 trophies, you start to meet lvl 27-30 dinos.


Well, why don’t you go back to Aviary?


Ughhhhh it’s impossible in Lockwood right now and the teams are INSANE! I was at 41?? this morning wondering if I was going to fall even farther. I’m facing one of two things, crazy OP teams that need to be in the 5200 range or teams that belong in Lockwood and beating me with RNG. It took me 7 battles today to open my daily inc. It is definitely NOT FUN in the arenas right now.

I had been in Aviary for a few weeks and was pretty settled at the 4650 range and I’ve leveled two dinos on my team since then, so it’s not just not working on team. I really believe it’s trophy droppers that are there to get easy incubators.


Many high ranked players have arena dropped and are pushing everyone lower… I have faced level 28-30 unique monsters in the high 4,000’s. But they will move on and it will get easier.

Welcome to the community!

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I definitely need some help and tips to get my trophy count to 4500 trophies, but with my team ranging from levels 19-24, it’s just a living nightmare with the RNG. Really frustrating.


Post your team and what you have in reserve.


That was before I leveled my Utahsinoraptor to 21.