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Lockwood Estate

My alt is struggling in this arena … for those that are there should I be holding my own or have I over achieved?

It is the beginning of the next month’s competition (season). Ludia resets the scores of all players at the start of a season, so today you are probably playing teams that are far above your ability. (as we all are right now).

Continue to tough it out, and you should see the matches start to get a little more sane in a week or so. I don’t see anything immediately wrong about your team makeup.

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Didn’t think the reset came this far down …

Yeah it does… its a trickle down effect that pushes everyone down for a week or so… its why so many complain about it.

If they reset the very top down to 6k and left it at that it would still achieve its purpose but without such a negative effect.


I’m at 3750 with level 20-21 teams (unboosted), close to Lockwood. I haven’t really played much in the last month but did play to get my trophy’s to show. I’ve been busy with some real life fun. I can see getting matched with team’s as yours. You may be at the high end for how far up that team can get you.

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