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Lockwood estates so hard to reach


Best I’ve done so far:

Then tanked :frowning:

I just want my alanqa dna…


I wont get there till Christmas lol


Last arena is way harder to reach (only 11 players in it) but the rewards are not really good so it’s fine…

I agree that Lockwood estate made a great difference providing Alanqa in guaranteed epic spot (along with stygi) along with good hybrid ingredient (deino, nodo and erlinkosaurus)

Good luck it’s worth it :slightly_smiling_face:


im sure i could get there, i just can’t make myself battle enough knowing that in 2 days they’re gonna drop you back to 4000 trophies and arena 8


What’s the exclusive dino for the last arena?


So Alanqa is guaranteed in Lockwood state or aviary


Lockwood. Last one (aviary) is arambougania


Wonder if that’s because there may be another hybrid coming that may require its dna


I would be on it… i feel like they broke the fliers into two patches… and the other one is down the road after fliers are buffed/balanced


pteranodon is almost certainly getting a hybrid :eyes:


I certainly hope that Pteranodon will get a strong hybrid in the near future, need to use up that dna!


I have only gotten Alanqa DNA from a 24 hour incubator from Lockwood. Haven’t gotten any from an 8 hour one yet. The last 8 hour was 200 t-rex and 20 Stygi…

Granted, that 24 hour one gave me about 375 Alanqa. :smiley:


Haven’t tried to climb at all. Only battle when I need incubators but I bounce between 4700 and 4800 doing so. Most likely couldn’t make 5000 if I tried with that being the case.

My team needs a lot more work for that arena haha

When I get mid 4800’s I hit a Utarinex wall that I can’t get past without one of my own haha. Funny that there is now a Utarinex wall for me. Just goes to show that there is always a wall of some sort to face. No matter how good your team is.


For me, I’m having the most trouble with the Raja hybrids. I probably need one of my own too :rofl:


Same, I’m right around the same boat as you. It’s pretty hard progressing forward when I have a couple level 20s on my team. Limiting the tanks on my team aren’t helping either :joy:


Pteranodon has a very interesting skillset. I faced a level 22 which did 1k on it’s counter. It’s like a strange version of raja lol


I left mine at level 15, hesitant to level it up more in case its future hybrid only requires it to be 15. I do like how it has nullify as a skillset. Level 22 is quite hardcore :scream:


Congrats, that’s much higher than I ever got (currently in free fall… )

GL, there’s still time before the tournament- send me a postcard when you get there :smile: