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Lockwood lol

I just got in lockwood and this is my team:

works for some reason… makes me happy.
Also makes sarco happy!

crocodilian happiness noise


Yeah I’m getting there and I have 1 legendary.

This is my team and I’m in ruins. I feel very frustrated with stat boost.


In Lockdown? I’m never playing again if I have to face that team.

That’s seriously OP for lockdown. This is my team and I’m in Lockwood :open_mouth:

Mean lockwood! Sorry!


I don’t get how your team can fall into ruins at all Phil. That team is great and would seem to be an upper 4k close to Aviary in trophies. Probably the terrible matchmaking setup. Probably pitting you against level 29 avg teams just because of your Stegod… They need to fix this setup.

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That makes me feel better lol

I don’t use stat boost. So when I battle everyone else does. So my 25 or 26 gets destroyed by a stat Boosted 21 of the same creature.

Before stat boost came out I was almost 5k trophies. Now I’m sitting around 39xx. So when I say I Battle for an hour to fill my incubators I hate the game so much more.

Not using boost is my fault I know. But I’m proud of the levels of my team that I’ve grinded the last year on and want a fair fight against someone else that grinded a year and strategically battled to get where we are. That’s not possible any longer.


But Phil, with that team, if you decide to use the boosts one day you will be tearing through the ruins lol.

I think you should do it one day imo… You probably are reluctant and trying to stand a ground on boosts. But if you do use them, you will be trampling teams with those dinos in your current arena placement.

That’s a pretty darn strong team of dinos and I like how you don’t have a DC in there… I recently switched my beloved Stegod for Dio. But I love Stegod too. Basically you have a Stegod instead of a boosted rat. Respect heh :slight_smile:

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Thanks buddy. I can’t stand dracoceratops. From the start I knew it was a cheap way out. For a minute I had the, “if you can’t beat em, join em” and I used it but I felt so petty I took it out. However, I loved when someone would use theirs and I would swap to mine and kill theirs hahaha that was fun. Then I decided I’m not going to use it any longer. Heck I don’t even support my alliance when they ask for dna ingredients for it and I openly tell them I won’t support that creature lol.

As for the boost, I will still refuse to use them and stay frustrated losing but once I do get a win I’m satisfied. All I need is enough to fill my incubator slots. I don’t believe boost are going anywhere and they probably never will. I just wish Ludia would take my 3 battle mode suggestion and give me and others not boosting the old arena back where we can battle like we did before 1.7 I made a huge suggestion thread on it a while back. Search “implement 3 battle modes” under suggestions and I laid the whole thing out and how it would work for everyone. I’m proud of it too lol.


I was just gunna post that!

Jezus !! My team is lower and iam top 250 player at the moment LOL . Thanks 2 boosting :rofl: