Log in bug

Has anyone else logged in but can’t now because “the game is under maintenance” again!? If this is this is another login bug or a temporary glitch, please fix it


I think they’re trying to fix the bugs that came with the new update. Daily missions were broken.

I was trying to log out of my main account and this happened. Not sure why though.

Hey there, Kingindominus21. The game is currently in maintenance to address a bug.


Just saw the announcement, thanks for letting us know

Can this be an announcement vs people freaking out from confusion and being scared?

Im getting that to

Why would you be scared from the game being in maintenance…

Some people lost there account or couldn’t get in for a week, I would say that “scared” some. Idk not a good word choice but I got nothing else.

Hey DPG members,

Dude if i cant log in for a week after this I’m not going to be in my alliance anymore witch would suck

I had already entered before, now that I try to enter again, I get that, how can I fix it?

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Me too ludia,ludia again with the bugs

Most likely trying to fix this:

At this rate i wouldn’t expect to play the game until tomorrow or way latter in the day

All day today I got a maintenance screen when trying to log in. Went to play store to see if there was an update, which it said there was. It wouldn’t let me click update or uninstall. Nothing. So I uninstalled from app settings and now I can’t access it all. I went back to the play store and it says install but won’t let me click in so I now have no access to the game and have missed everything today :frowning:

when i went to the play store, there was no update to download
when i try to play the game, it tells me to update

up till now

THIS IS SOOOO TIRING! Every update now this thing happens! EVERY SINGLE TIME! When I go to the game, it stops loading and forces me to go to Play Store to update. I proceed to update the game, open it again and it still doesn’t work. Keeps telling me to update the game. If it was a one time bug, I could be understanding. But it’s been the third or fourth update in a row that this happens. I always have to uninstall the game, reset/turn off the phone multiple times, before the game will install/update properly. No other app on my phone has that issue. I will for sure be cancelling my VIP account. I just can’t keep paying for something to feel annoyed and frustrated. The game just bugs way too much, is way too slow. I am pretty sure no one at Ludia is reading this rant, but I just had to say everything.