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Log in reward bonus

I know we have daily missions, but wouldn’t it be interesting if we had log in rewards? For example:
DAY 1: 20 coins
DAY 2: 5 cash
DAY 3: 40 coins
DAY 4: 10 cash
DAY 5: 60 coins
DAY 6: 15 cash
DAY 7: a small incubator from your current battle arena

This could continue on with the rewards increasing every week, coin and cash amounts raising the more consecutive weeks you log in. Same thing with incubators: Small->Standard->Large->Rare->Epic->Preminum, with the incubators rewarded at the end of every consecutive week.

Please consider this, Ludia. (And don’t use this as a excuse to give us unessary DNA)

You do know that we have daily log in cash, right? They just don’t increase, but I’m fine with that

I mean something to encourage people to log in more, what with the arenas getting you down…this could be the solution!

Or not…I am in fact just one person who thinks this is a good idea.

holy heck we do!? I legit never knew that lmao

They post a link daily on Facebook

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