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Hi, on iphone can I log out from the game?

What do you mean by that?
Yes , you can log out of the game, but if you’re not connected to Facebook or possibly game center then I believe you lose your progress

Oh. I made an account for my son on his android. Now he is getting iphone and wants to continue his account but I only get my account when trying to swap phones for him…?

Yeah unfortunately if your son wasn’t logged into his phone through Facebook before switching phones, there’s no way to transfer an account. And you account keeps coming up because you are logged into your own Facebook account correct?

Can he log into the account if he sets up own emailadress?

Vänligen, Camilla

I’m not really sure. Do you still have the Samsung? I’ll have to see if I can switch on my phone

Its a huewei

Vänligen, Camilla

Thank you! He wont be happy to start again :frowning:

Vänligen, Camilla

Yeah I’m sorry, what level was he and what was his average Dino levels on his team? And also what is “huewei”?

Huawei, an android phone :slight_smile:
Level 20, average dinos 23-24

Vänligen, Camilla

Oh dang level 20? And do you still have the Samsung phone? Because he might be able to transfer accounts. If you have the Samsung, make a new Facebook profile on his device and log onto his account on the old phone, then go to the new phone and get the Facebook app, log onto that account that you just made, and you should be able to transfer it.

I actually just switched my two accounts that I have. So I use two phones one for each account, and was able to log out of one then log into the other, and switch it back. BUT I did this through Game Center and am not 100% sure if it will work through Facebook but still give it a try because that’s the only change you have. And if that doesn’t work you can contact the game developers Ludia @

and tell them that you want to get your account back on a new phone, but to do this you’ll need to know the “Support Key #” for that account.

You can see your support key number by clicking your player level on the top left of screen, then click settings on the top, and then look at the bottom left of your screen and give ludia that key so that they can try to help you out.

Ok will try!!

Vänligen, Camilla

Ok, let me know if it works for you so I can let my team know, and also if you would like to join the alliance I’m in we’re very friendly and help each other out a lot. We have a discord, if you click on my username on here and look at my profile, you can read my bio on how to join the discord to ask for a an alliance invitation.

Thank you for all help, still trying…

Vänligen, Camilla

Yep anytime. You can also connect the original account to google play store for Samsung’s but then I highly doubt you could get it on the new phone because it’s an iPhone and doesn’t have google play store.