Logged in and everything is gone


I logged in to go out and it took me back to the beginning. Lost everything. Reinstalled 3 times and still nothing is back. HELP!


Oh man. This happened to me the first day and I instantly backed out of the game completely. Everything was back to normal when I got back on. I didn’t uninstall at all. Did you happen to save your support ID number?


Nope I didnt. I had to go into the game and complete the training again just to contact support.


I’m so sorry that sucks. If it happens again try doing what I did. Hope it doesnt though. And I definitely hope support can get your account back! Good luck.


If it happens again I’ll just quit. This hapened to me with pogo too. They ended up fixing it but I went a couple of days of down time.


Tried another reinstall and all is good. WTH?!


Wow you got lucky lol