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Logging in issues

So I usually use Multiple Accounts when I play Lovelink because in all honestly I’m a loyal person and I did want to have specific accounts for specific matches
Well y’all
Today, I got a new phone.
I downloaded Lovelink, it worked
I downloaded Multiple Accounts and, well, tried to log in into my Facebook accounts and it’s didn’t load. It was just a black screen after I clicked the “continue” button
I’m not sure in this is a Lovelink issue or a MA issue, but I hope someone knows what’s going on :frowning:

Hello channiekings0879. If restarting your device doesn’t help, would you mind contacting our team at with your support key included? They’ll be happy to assist!

Hi there! I can’t get a support key because I’m unable to log in to my account. I messaged the app directly from one of my other account I could get to work. Again, I’m still not sure if this is an error with Lovelink, but I tried several different Multiple Account style apps and nothing worked.