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Logging in


Anybody having problems logging in??
I’m stuck at 16/24 for 10mins and had a epic scent on


are you using iphone?


turn off your location, kill the launch screen. reopen game with location OFF and then turn it on with the game open when it prompts. that worked for me on Sunday


Hey, @GarryBonham, I’m sorry to hear that this happened while you were using an Epic Scent! That sounds doubly frustrating… Reach out to our support team, at, to give us a chance to make things right, and so they can help you troubleshoot. Remember to include your support key in the e-mail so that they can find you more quickly in their system!


I have the same since 1-2hours… I m using iPhone


I’ve had the same problem now for over three hours. And it is a recurring problem. Really not on


It’s OK I asked for help before but they wouldn’t help and said I was lying ha…
I’ll lick my wounds but thanks for replying budd


Was for support lol sorry if someone thought it was for you…
Problem got fixed after I smashed my fone and bought a s9 lol