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Logging into the game

Am I the only one having issues with actually getting the game to open, logged into facebook or even as a guest?

I made this for the Rise of Berk game, not Titan Uprising, but apparently Lydia thinks they know everything.

Hey there, @JennyBob, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty connecting to and playing the game. Our support team would be glad to help you work through this, so reach out to them at If you can include your support key in the email, you’d really be speeding up the process! Thanks.

Anyone having issues getting the game to open? I can’t get past the load screen, even as ‘guest’. It just keeps telling me that I need to reconnect. Quite frustrating.

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every time i try downloading it on the app store it doesn’t appear for hours, by the next day it still isn’t there. how can i fix this issue???