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Logic in JWA

  1. Diorajasaur and Grypolyth < A rat that is made of 2 commons
  2. It cost $60.00 US dollars for a legendary, it can be good or bad.
  3. Monostegotops having nullifying impact and monolophosaurus does not even have nullifying impact. I know beta exists, but still
  4. The fact Grypolyth lost to triceratops
  5. Suchotator > Spinotahraptor
  6. My alliance won’t donate anything to me

Don’t forget how Megalosuchus was left behind her counterparts.


well 6 isnt really jwa logic… but i agree with the other ones. Oh, and the fact that ur victory/loss depends almost always on luck… and a lot of hybrids moves make even less sense than monostego, like the fact that suchotator has nullify and superiority and distract… yet no defense shatter or ferocious