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Login bug. Crashes continuously

-edited- is my support code
1.37.7.pap is my app version
iPhone 7
Software version 13.1.2

I am experiencing issues when it comes to logging into the game. It crashes immediately after the title screen with my support key and version. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the game multiple times with no success. Is anyone else having these problems if so is there an easy fix?

Don’t ever post your support key in public!!!

The issue is well known, delete your post as soon as possible.


Edit your support key out of the original post

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Any idea when the issue is going to be resolved?

Hey everyone, the issue has been reported to our team, and they’re currently looking into this.

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Take a look here

That’s the thread where most of us are discussing this issue.

Update from Keith:

Thank you for your patience, everyone!