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Help! Hubby and I have both logged into the game on the same device (an old phone) many times. He uses a Google play login and I use Facebook login. Now on his regular phone, that I have never logged in on, when he logs in via Google, it says hi to his screen name, but then it loads MY support key and my game.

We’ve contacted support, but in the meantime has anyone had this problem? Help! Trying to get our alliance missions done and he can’t get on to play at all.


@mikkoamour any ideas?

We’ve uninstalled, cleared caches restarted, reinstalled. Ugh!


Did you make sure it wasn’t connected to Facebook?


Yeah. We click the Google login and it connects to my fb login. I have no idea how this is possible.


Can anyone else help? So frustrating trying to work on missions and his phone won’t login to his account. :frowning:


Hey Kristi, could you try going into the Player Profile > Settings menu and tap on the Facebook “LOGOUT” tab and then try reconnecting to Google Play from the main menu?


We’ll keep trying, @Ned . It’s bewildering, because I have never logged into Facebook on his phone so it should not be able to connect like that.


@Ned, I’ll restate the issue here so maybe you have any other insights? We’ve both logged into our game on an old phone we share. Mine is a Facebook login, His is a Google play login.

Yesterday when he went to log in on his phone (that I have never logged into Facebook on), it said welcome to his screen name, but then it loaded my support key and game.

We uninstalled, logged out of everything, reinstalled and still when he clicks the google login on his phone it opens my facebook-login account. We then tried loading the game on a tablet and it did the same thing. So somehow having both logins on the same device has linked them?

Please help. No response from support yet. Every time he tries again it logs me out of my game on my phone.


That sounds really strange, is your husband able to log into his game account on the older device that you were sharing?


Nope. The old device, his current device, and the tablet all log into my game despite clicking the google login button. We’ve cleared caches, cleared data, reinstalled the game. It’s like they’re stuck together somehow. And we can’t even get his loaded to show what his support key is. He still shows up in our alliance though.


I would give a try:

Clear the cache from all the web browsers from you hubby’s phone. And even removing cache from the browser apps and reinstall JWA and try logging in with his Google account. If there is any Facebook app installed(messenger, FB), please delete those too for time being.

Just in case, wanted to make sure to not have any sort of memory of your Facebook’s login in that phone.

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Could you send me a private message on the forum of your husband’s in-game name along with the 4 digit numbers after it? I’ll be happy to try and take a closer look at this for you. You should be able to find this information by going into your Alliance and tapping on your husband’s profile. Thanks!

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