Login issues 2.9

A few weeks are past…
and nobody talks about the login issues that happened.
Where is the compensation? Ludia thinks we all forgot about it?
WE DID NO FORGET, and we are still waiting.
And a lot of people stand behind this tought. The affected people need a proper compensation.
JWA Survey: Thoughts on the Compensation Given for Log In Issue | Jurassic World Alive Wiki - GamePress


I was affected by this and along with a few others tried to keep the previous thread alive. But as predicted Ludia kept quiet and the thread died! I’ve done all I can, negative reviews on App Store, several emails to Ludia , urged fellow players to do the same but all to no avail. I don’t want to continue frustrating myself and chasing my tail. Ludia lost the trust of a lot of players and we can only hope this in the long term will be their penance for the way we were treated.
I genuinely appreciate that you have raised this issue again but I’m afraid it does seem like a waste of time and energy:(

I think so. Ludia puts head in the sand like an ostrich and waits for everyone to forget about it.