Login Lost

I clicked on the app to sign in and my account was deleted. I was a level 11 and now I’m back to 1 with none of my Dino’s saved. How can I restore my account?

If you had Game Center one, turn it back one.

Long time ago early last summer. I had started out with Google play and Google account. I accidentally hit to log in with Facebook and I thought I had lost my account. I accidentally started a new account with Facebook. Didn’t realize it at first so I thought I lost my account.

Hey Shaley_Holmes, depending on which device you’re using, it’s possible that your account was linked to either Google Play or Facebook. Could you try signing in to either account by going into the in-game Player Profile > Settings menu and see if you can get back on your original game? If you’re still having issues, contact our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with the support key from your original game and the new game you are currently on so they can assist you further.