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Loking for an active alliance for my wife and I


2 very active players loking for an international alliance with steadily lvl 5 alliance mission completition.
We are averaging around 5k and 4,5k trophies.


Hi, NiceNick! I run an alliance of 22 players called StygiShield. We have a range of players level 12+ with 2500-5500 trophie counts. We also have a discord channel to communicate though, although not necessary. We have reached 4 1/2 rank every mission week, and if we have 3-5 more players we are pretty confident we can hit level 5. Send me your in game names if interested! :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m the leader of Michigan Monsters. We regularly get 5/4 in the missions. We’re international split between mostly between Europe and USA, we’re very friendly and supportive and we have a wide age range.

We have the last few inactive players we’ll be removing here very shortly, so we’d be happy for you to join us. Our only main rule is that you’ll need to use discord to join. Let me know if your interested or message me on discord, Steph #2626.

Either way, happy darting to both of you :wink:


Hi there, i’m Benji from Michigan monsters.always looking for active players. Come and have a look

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Hello Nick
You are more than welcome to join Raptor Hunters, we too have a discord channel. We got rank 5 on Exploration. We are not concerned with rank 5 right now on Defense, due to ridiculously high requirements. If interested, please contact me on discord, cakemom13#2854. Thank you!



I’m from UnitedClawsJWA and always looking for new and espacially active members. So love you 2 to join us.

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Sounds good can I join?:grin: Have at least 10 or more active players in my alliance


Hello. I’m looking for a more active alliance for me and my friend. We are very active. Do you still have room for two more? My game name is noboru73.


Stijn_Vcs, I have an alliance of my own. Thanks though.


Noboru73, come on over!


We have sent a request to your alliance


Was there three of you? I accidentally rejected Lexis request.