Lol. After storms and blizzards, that one dino remains stable as it always will

The indoraptor. Hasn’t been nerfed, hasn’t been buffed. Just the safest investment at this time.


Indo received a 150 HP buff. Not much but it’s still something.

Hasn’t been nerfed? Do you remember when it killed every dino in the whole game on turn 2 with a cloak instead of evasive stance?

Definitely has been nerfed. Still is excellent and balanced.


At that time I wasn’t even qualified for fighting one lol. But I immediately had the scenario in mind: cloak-dsr-swap out-in-cloak-dsr… Raptor maniac was real😐


Where does it say that? ^^
Are there more stats known outside of patch notes, like magnapyritor?

It says in the patch notes indo is going to have 3900 HP.

But I still won’t touch anything because with Ludia there are many hidden changes not on the notes as well. For instance, last patch DOT is buffed, but nowhere they say suchotator’s hp will be nerfed from 4800 to 4260.

Ah yes found it, must have read over indo