Lol how do often does maxima crits for you

I mean if we are gonna use that logic

Idk for some reason it’s just the brachiosauridae. Giraffititan has it too. Perhaps it’s because they do the stompy stuff? Don’t ask me why but their attack animation just looks that much more devastating.


Only brachi and maxima have like 30% tho the rest have 5% right?

Eh I don’t know compare to the others who actually stomp the brachies just swipe and tippy tap

Giraffititan has 20%. Brachio and Maxima have 30% yeah. For some reason Nodopatotitan only has 5% tho


But I mean like the strong attack animation. When maxima/brachi rampages and it crits, it just looks so cool


Lol that’s true

When I have maxima vs maxima matches, I always fail to crit, but the opponent crits 3 times… Even when I outspeed I lose because of that. But vs indoraptors, my maxima crits a fair bit

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Ai is like oh you think your gonna crit not on my watch

I’ve come to the realization that my dinos are 0% crit and if by error one does then I’m elated and send ludia a thank you note and put them back on my xmas card list.


Basically every time I fight against one they get a crit.


Yeah mine almost never crits. Basically 5%

Why wouldn’t it? What relation is there between diet and critical chance other than most of the high crit-chance creatures are carnivores?
There was never any lore or reason for the crit chances, they just are.

If it’s about high-damage attacks, a full grown sauropod could probably one-shot any top predator, regardless of diet. Argentinosaurus and Brachiosaurus are some of the biggest ones of all.

In the modern day, some of the deadliest mammals are herbivores. Cape Buffalo, Elephants, Hippos, Rhinos, etc.


True but the most be from tail and head swipes Ik Argentino I think could rear up and brachi definitely couldn’t

But those don’t weigh 15 tons or more, also they have tusks, teeth and horns

They all have different weapons and sizes, so what? They’re still herbivores, and they can be just as deadly as carnivores.

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It only crits when I am battling AI.

30%. Moving on.