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LOL luckiest battle ever.... must see! (post yours as comment)


Why did I say Tic Tac Has Gum when I heard the song?

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? :joy::thinking: lmao idk… it just reminds me of watching looney tunes

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i tend to just pick a song that syncs with the moves… that climatic swan dive from tany makes me giggle…

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Just watched the whole video, pretty good!
Crit against indo!
Pretty lucky!
I dont have that kind of luck :neutral_face:

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^^^^ spoiler alert :joy:

thanks, if you have any battle vids you can link yours :slight_smile:

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K, thanks!

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of course! :slight_smile:

…on a scale of 1-10 how hard do you think that opponent raged? :thinking::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Doesnt reflect my history.


Probably about a 7.
In lockwood indo probably gets 99 crits out of 100 anyway, and that’s the Crit Kingdom Arena!

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i keep getting flopped from aviary to lockwood, i lose quite often too… as u would be able to tell by my trophy fluctuations… used to almost have 4700 :confused:


I feel you.
I literally lost interest in battles.
I used to have 4 incubators every second.
Now I’m afraid to battle…

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Hes here!!

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just beef up tany… she is pretty sturdy… and keep a tank to transition swaps. :slight_smile:

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lmao… what the what is that costume??? LOL

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Was looking up indoraptor for a pic, and then one of the search results said indoraptor costume.
Ended up looking that up instead :joy:

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Ah the final turn crit… Happened with me and to me… few things are more revolting than that :rofl:

But my luckiest day was when my final dino was my Monomimus with very low HP and my opponent was winning 2-1… Mimus dodged six times, killed two (even got a crit in one) and I won. I didn’t feel bad for my opponent cause he used Indoraptor with the same move, so he deserved it!

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